Level 3 Gym Instructor

The Gymnasium accepts anyone over the age of 16, male or female with open arms. I’ve been at the Gym for over a decade now and I have to say it’s changed my life.

Every session I run is different and that’s what a lot coming to the Gym enjoy. I am always running new classes. My sessions are great for getting you out of your comfort zone, in the process getting positive results for my clients.

The fitness and strength of my clients always improves through the sessions and in the process it burns a lot of calories and enhances fitness. The Gymnasium is completely different to every other Gym I’ve been too. In other Gym’s it can get competitive and boring.

However here it’s always a different work out or a different class going on, so you’ll never come in and do the same thing twice. It keeps your body guessing and in the long run is better for you as we are challenging you to your peak.