Level 2 Gym Instruction
Level 3 personal Trainer
And is currently training towards level 4 personal trainer and level 5 nutrition

Health and fitness has been a passion of mine since a young age. I enjoy continually learning about the fitness industry and reading about new techniques, nutrition plans and following scientific research. My main aim is to help people become the best version of themselves and fulfil their personal goals. I will assess your current diet and training and put in place a regime to ensure that your journey to success is both sustainable and enjoyable. I have a good understanding of the psychology behind training and nutrition and can help you overcome the challenges and barriers to achieving your goal. I have also seen the positive effect training can have on your mental wellbeing and will encourage you to improve your self- awareness as well as the physical. As we work together, you will discover that with a positive mindset, consistency and the right guidance no goal is out of reach! DAN SPECIALISES IN.. Nutrition Weight Loss Strength Training Hypertrophy (Muscle gain) Gvm Confidence