Working in health and fitness since 2010
Personal training since 2011
Level 2 gym instructor
Level 3 personal training
TRX suspension training
Group cycling

The main principle behind me becoming a personal trainer is to have an impact upon as many individuals as possible and support them to achieve their milestones and future goals.
One of the bonuses of me becoming a personal trainer is to witness the transformation within my clients, not just with their health, physical appearance and fitness but also their confidence and self-esteem.
I believe in versatility and understand that every client is different with different capabilities. Therefore I aim to improve individual’s fitness, strength, and health through fun and challenging workouts personally tailed to their specific needs.
I have been working in health and fitness for the past 5 years, with personal training for over 4 years, I have provided personalized training for clients that have had no fitness and gone on to achieve Tough-Mudder, marathons and Iron Man. I regularly take part in extreme outdoor challenges such as X-treme storm, major-series, and no- ego challenge for my own personal fitness challenge.