Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Picture this… a personal trainer, exclusively focused on a group of 1-6 individuals, including YOU! This means you get personalised guidance, feedback and support tailored to your specific goals, within a motivating group environment.

Personalisation without the premium price

Imagine reaping the benefits of personal training without the hefty price tag. Small group PT offers an affordable alternative, allowing you to experience personalised fitness within your budget.

Achieve your goals faster

Whether you’re aiming for that extra push, building strength, or have specific goals in mind, Small Group PT is designed to accelerate your goals faster.

Large Group Training

These sessions offer exciting and challenging workouts, for differing levels of fitness. Over the course of the week, with 38 sessions to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Large group training provides you with a variety of different types of sessions ranging from slower-paced workouts, concentrating on individual muscle groups to help build muscle, or faster-paced sessions, hitting all the major muscle groups and increasing your health and fitness.


Whether you’re an early riser and prefer a workout to kick-start your day or like to come along and join us in the evening, we have you covered! Sessions start at 6 am, with three-morning sessions, taking you through to 10 am and starting again in the evening at 5:15 pm, taking us right up until 10 pm.

Something for everyone

If you’re bored of the same old routine, maybe you’ve never stepped foot into a gym or are just in need of something different, our large group training has something for everyone.


To see our Large Group Training Sessions, Check out our Timetable

We have experienced personal trainers on board. Please contact us for further details or come along to one of our classes.

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