Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Instructor 
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer 



Despite a break when my children were young, I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle and I regularly took part in events such as the Manchester 10k, Half Marathon, Tough Mudder and Hell Runner.

It wasn’t until I started PTs with Dean in 2016 that I developed a love for strength training and functional fitness and it soon became my passion, which brought about both physical and emotional changes in me and I genuinely feel I am now the strongest, fittest and most confident version of me that I have ever been. I still continue to have my weekly PT with Dean and am constantly learning and hopefully improving too!

I am incredibly proud that thanks to Ant and Dean, I now have the opportunity to help others gain that same sense of achievement, to push people out of their comfort zones, whilst encouraging them all the way to achieve their health and fitness goals. In particular, I find weight training so empowering, rewarding, and really beneficial, and I would especially love to be able to pass some of my knowledge onto other women who may find this area a bit daunting!