At the Gymnasium, we thrive on achieving your fitness goals. The body is designed to be kept guessing when it comes to exercise. If you have found yourself going through the same boring routine and becoming disheartened, then joining The Gymnasium community is where you need to be.

Stop thinking about doing and join TODAY!

We can guide you to exactly where you want to be, with results that speak for themselves.



What do we do?

The Gymnasium, Chorley, combines strength training, Olympic lifting, bodyweight training, plyometrics, and aerobic training along with good old-fashioned hard work.  Traditional and basic ways of exercise create incredibly challenging and effective total body workouts. We create fast and measurable results by conditioning each of the energy systems along with building functional strength, endurance and coordination.

No gimmicks, just plain hard work equals faster results.

Why are we different?

Great trainers often use functional training which uses everyday movement exercises. Here at The Gymnasium, this is what we strive for. By keeping the body guessing, changing your workout routine and pushing yourself to your limits you will achieve your goals faster.


Strip weight, tone up, run faster

Meet the team


Level 3 Gym Instructor

The Gymnasium accepts anyone over the age of 16, male or female with open arms. I’ve been at the Gym for 3 years now and I have to say it’s changed my life.
Every session I run is different and that’s what a lot coming to the Gym enjoy. I am always running new classes. My sessions are great for getting you out of your comfort zone, in the process getting positive results for my clients.

The fitness and strength of my clients always improves through the sessions and in the process it burns a lot of calories and enhances fitness. The Gymnasium is completely different to every other Gym I’ve been too. In other Gym’s it can get competitive and boring.

However here it’s always a different work out or a different class going on, so you’ll never come in and do the same thing twice. It keeps your body guessing and in the long run is better for you as we are challenging you to your peak.



Working in health and fitness since 2010
Personal training since 2011
Level 2 gym instructor
Level 3 personal training
TRX suspension training
Group cycling

The main principle behind me becoming a personal trainer is to have an impact upon as many individuals as possible and support them to achieve their milestones and future goals.
One of the bonuses of me becoming a personal trainer is to witness the transformation within my clients, not just with their health, physical appearance and fitness but also their confidence and self-esteem.
I believe in versatility and understand that every client is different with different capabilities. Therefore I aim to improve individual’s fitness, strength, and health through fun and challenging workouts personally tailed to their specific needs.
I have been working in health and fitness for the past 5 years, with personal training for over 4 years, I have provided personalized training for clients that have had no fitness and gone on to achieve Tough-Mudder, marathons and Iron Man. I regularly take part in extreme outdoor challenges such as X-treme storm, major-series, and no- ego challenge for my own personal fitness challenge.



Level 2 gym instructor
Group cycling

I have always been into fitness but when my husband (Antony Monks) opened The Gymnasium it completely changed my outlook on training. Within weeks my body composition had completely changed and I enjoyed every minute of exercise instead of it being a chore.
2 years later after The Gymnasium becoming our 2nd home and my knowledge on training becoming a lot stronger, I had women asking for my help and ideas so I decided to do my fitness instructor qualification.
I enjoy building women’s confidence in areas they lack such as weight training and working on key areas of the body. Pushing people to their maximum to help them reach their goals and love The Gymnasium as much as we do!



Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer (due to complete October 2020)

Despite a break when my children were young, I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle and I regularly took part in events such as the Manchester 10k, Half Marathon, Tough Mudder and Hell Runner.

It wasn’t until I started PTs with Dean in 2016 that I developed a love for strength training and functional fitness and it soon became my passion, which brought about both physical and emotional changes in me and I genuinely feel I am now the strongest, fittest and most confident version of me that I have ever been. I still continue to have my weekly PT with Dean and am constantly learning and hopefully improving too!

I am incredibly proud that thanks to Ant and Dean, I now have the opportunity to help others gain that same sense of achievement, to push people out of their comfort zones, whilst encouraging them all the way to achieve their health and fitness goals. In particular, I find weight training so empowering, rewarding, and really beneficial, and I would especially love to be able to pass some of my knowledge onto other women who may find this area a bit daunting!

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