About Us

At the Gymnasium, we thrive on achieving your fitness goals. The body is designed to be kept guessing when it comes to exercise. If you have found yourself going through the same boring routine and becoming disheartened, then joining The Gymnasium community is where you need to be.

Stop thinking about doing and join TODAY!

We can guide you to exactly where you want to be, with results that speak for themselves.


What do we do?

The Gymnasium, Chorley, combines strength training, Olympic lifting, bodyweight training, plyometrics, and aerobic training along with good old-fashioned hard work.  Traditional and basic ways of exercise create incredibly challenging and effective total body workouts. We create fast and measurable results by conditioning each of the energy systems along with building functional strength, endurance and coordination.

No gimmicks, just plain hard work equals faster results.

Why are we different?

Great trainers often use functional training which uses everyday movement exercises. Here at The Gymnasium, this is what we strive for. By keeping the body guessing, changing your workout routine and pushing yourself to your limits you will achieve your goals faster.


Strip weight, tone up, run faster

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